How to open a CDSL Demat Account:
Rules for Opening a Demat A/c:
  1. Visit your nearest Branch of JJSB and collect the respective Form of the particular Account which you want to open.
  2. Fill the Form properly and attach all the required documents for that Account.
  3. Submit the Form to an Authorized person. Your Account will be created.
Demat A/c Tariff Charges:
Sr. No. Name of Charges Amount of Charges
1 Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) payable upfront ( Individuals )


2 Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) payable upfront ( Non- Individuals )

Rs. 1200/-p.a.

3 Transaction Charges (For Sale Only)

0.04% of market value. Minimum Rs. 18/- per entry.

4 Custory Charges


5 Demat Charges

Rs.2/- per Cert Min. Rs.50/-+Postage Charges

6 Remat Charges

Rs.25/-per instruction for every 110 Securities or
Rs.25/- per Certificate, whichever is higher.

7 Pledge/ Unpledge Charge (For Creation/ Closure/ Invocation )

Rs.25/-per entry.

8 Easy/Easiest(Internet Facility)


9 SMS Alert facility


10 Demat Rejection Charges

Rs.25/-per entry + Postage Charges

11 A/c Transfer Rejection Charges

Rs.25/-Per entry + Postage charges

12 Same Day Execution Charges

Rs.25/- per entry

13 Other Charges - for Additional / Duplicate Statment

Rs.10/- per page

14 Delivery Instruction Slip

Rs.10/- per booklet of 10 pages

15 Freezing / Defreezing

Rs.10/- per transaction

16 Failed Debit transaction

Rs.25/- per transaction.